WCC 2019 Stages

WCC 2019 is focused on bringing the fragmented blockchain community together to build long-term relationships and discuss the myriad topics facing our nascent industry. We realize blockchain presents disruptive solutions and efficiencies to entrenched business models and expect experts across dozens of business segments to deliver timely content regarding the future of our technology.

We would like World Crypto Conference and Vegas Blockchain Week to be the most important venue in the second half of 2019 for our industry leaders to answer difficult questions, address past failures, lay the roadmap for future success, and to preview or launch the next major advancement coming from blockchain technology. We’ve invited thought leaders from around the globe to share our stages.

The WCC Agenda will remain a work in progress through the first half of 2019. The tracks will be presented on 4 uniques stages: General Session & Keynotes, B2B and B2C Solutions, Mining & Infrastructure, and Technology and Developers.


ENTERPRISE STAGE - Castellana Ballroom

Thought leaders, executives, legislators, regulators, and those individuals who truly shape the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry will deliver Keynotes on the most important subjects of 2019. It is often said that 2019 is the “year to build,” and we expect to hear major announcements and updates from our guests on what they have accomplished – and what to expect in 2020 and beyond.

Tracks Include:

  • Regulation and Legislation
  • Enterprise and Blockchain
  • Wall Street, Crypto Custody, Banking, and Trading Platforms
  • Security Tokens and Digitized Assets
  • Supply Chain, Food Safety, and Counterfeit Protection
  • Gaming and eSports on Blockchain
  • Security, Smart Contracts, and Protecting Cryptographic Assets
  • B2B and B2C Challenges for Mass Adoption
  • Stable Coins & Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Investing, Crypto Funds, and Startup Capital Formation
  • Protecting Crypto Assets from SIM Card and Exchange Hacks


Set in the main Exhibit Hall, the Gracia Stage will host intimate talks, panel discussions, and fireside chats moderated by leaders from the blockchain community. This is where new ideas, new opportunities, and unique proposals will be presented in a relaxed and easily digested format.

Tracks Include:

  • Evolution of Money, Remittance Payments, and the Future of ATM’s
  • Predictive Oracles, Gaming, and AI
  • Gambling and Lottery
  • Automotive
  • Blockchain and STEM
  • Disrupting the Disruptors – Peer-to-Peer use initiatives
  • IoT – Blockchain Cities and the Future of Networking
  • Pharma Research and Medical Records
  • Social Media, Sharing, and Marketing

WCC MINE Stage - Brera Ballroom

2018’s WCC MINE was a great success, and because of that, we are expanding the size and scope for 2019. Attendees will learn blockchain infrastructure from power delivery to data-center management, how to maximize profits from mining, how to stay afloat when asset prices are depressed, and how complex financial instruments can help manage and scale operations.

Tracks Include:

  • Mining and Blockchain Infrastructure
  • Financing Operations to Maximize Cash Flow
  • Energy Supply and Consumption
  • Maximizing Mining Profits with AI
  • Scaling Operations
  • Future of ASIC Mining
  • PoW vs PoS

DECENTRALIZED Stage – Condesa Theater

We are very proud to introduce WCC DEV CON, a first of its kind multiple blockchain developer conference. Our goal is to bring together the best and brightest from different blockchain ecosystems to meet, discuss, and share ideas. We will focus on reducing tribalism, security, interoperability, smart contracts, and the many governance challenges facing both enterprise and public chains.

Tracks Include:

  • Reducing Tribalism – Ending the Platform Wars
  • Blockchain Interoperability
  • Smart Contracts
  • Digitized Assets
  • Scalability, Security, and Decentralization
  • Private Permissioned vs Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • Enterprise Cloud Compute
  • Governance Challenges
  • Blockchain Curriculum for Universities and Entrepreneurs
  • Auditing Smart Contracts

The complete agenda for WCC 2019 will be announced as we get closer to the event. If you’re interested in applying to speak, sponsor or exhibit please complete the contact form below.