wcc 2019 art exhibit

Crypto artist V E S A returns for the second annual WCC with an all-new hardline keynote, block-performance and previously unseen large scale artworks on exhibit. This time the gloves come off regarding the legacy art world, and he goes deeper into why integrating creativity into the blockchain space is a must for mass adoption, not a maybe. You can expect a carefully crafted, insightful, and passionate audiovisual explosion.

Among the works, this year is the ‘Blood On The Podcast Floor’ piece now signed by Andreas Antonopolous, Charlie Lee, Maxine Ryan, Brock Pierce, Jeremy Gardner, Vinny Lingham, Ronnie Moas, Peter McCormack and WCC’s very own Adam Williams. When eventually sold after some more superstar signatures, the proceeds will go to HAWC, the Houston Women’s Center protecting women from sexual abuse and violence. The charity part is organized by Tour De Crypto.

Special Giveaway

Last year crypto artist V E S A created an art piece inspired by World Crypto Con, Las Vegas and the relevance of blockchain to the city. The only re-painted, limited to 4 works, are owned by the founders of the conference.

This year, one lucky attendee will win a large scale (80x40in) hand signed print of Beyond Moon. 


Everyone attending the conference will receive a digital crypto art collector via the digital version. Codex Protocol will confirm all on the blockchain. If you have a ticket, all that is required for the digital ownership, limited to attendees digital edition, is a web3 wallet address (e.g. MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust, etc.) 


Complete details for receiving your digital print and entry to win the physical hand signed print will be available to all attendees by visiting the WCC Art Exhibit hosted by V E S A himself.

See the film explaining the piece of art

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