As the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem has grown since the inception of Bitcoin more than a decade ago we have seen multiple attempts to create viable trading and custody platforms. Wild West exchanges like Mt. Gox with loose security and poor infrastructure are regularly hacked leading to constant negative news. These hacks continue, leaving the door open for enterprise and major financial institutions to tackle the issues plaguing the industry. At the same time, decentralized exchanges continue to be developed and deployed by some of the biggest exchanges in the industry, most notably Binance. The evolution of custody, exchanges, trading, and related platforms is rapidly evolving.

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The CME Group is one of the worlds leading and most diverse derivatives trading platforms, allowing traders to hedge risk in their portfolios or take risk in the derivatives marketplace. As one of the first two companies (CME and CBOE) to offer futures trading in Bitcoin markets, CME Group has proven to be a leader in crypto-derivative markets.


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