Multi Blockchain Developer Conference

WCC is producing the world’s first mainstream multiple blockchain developer conference.

Welcome to WCC DEV CON 2019

We believe mass adoption of blockchain technology will be furthered by embracing the borderless and decentralized tenets popularized in the ethos of the blockchain community.

At WCC DEV CON we intend to bring together developers from multiple major blockchain foundations and work together to reduce tribalism, find common ground, and build solutions to actual problems being addressed by the blockchain community at-large. WCC will dedicate an entire ballroom of the Cosmopolitan to this effort, where we will host meetups, curated education sessions, panel discussions featuring key opinion leaders, a hackathon, and an un-conference.

Both EOS Alliance and Litecoin Foundations have agreed to join this first of its kind event, and we look forward to announcing more partnerships, topics, and more details in the near future. 

If you are a developer, community manager, or a decision-maker from a blockchain organization, please contact us using the link below and ask how you can get involved.

Confirmed participants include:

More to be announced…


Arie Trouw

CEO and Co-Founder of XYO

We're glad to take an active role in bringing the diverse blockchain and crypto developer community together, and really respect what the WCC team has been able to accomplish. We're looking forward to the event and to driving continued education and ecosystem growth.


Brock Pierce

Chairman, EOS Alliance

Together, our goal is to educate anyone interested in learning about the blockchain comprehensively. We’re not putting one specific system over another as each is important to building the entire community and will contribute to the overall adoption.


Charlie Lee

Creator, Litecoin

The Litecoin Foundation is happy to be a part of such a concerted effort to unite developers in the blockchain. It helps to showcase that there is room within the crypto space for projects and currencies to collaborate collectively, and still thrive individually.

Condesa ballroom - LEVEL 2 CONVENTION SPACE

Interested in participating in WCC DEV CON?